Eminem’s $500 Album, Logic Wasn’t Trying to Save People’s Lives, and 50 Cent Broke a $1,000 Mixer

What up, here is your Hip Hop update!

EMINEM is selling signed versions of “Revival” . . . but you’ll have to pay up.  The album comes out this Friday, and Eminem opened his official online store to fans who want to pre-order and pick up some merchandise.

The most expensive option is a pre-order bundle that includes an exclusive autographed version of “Revival”, which will run you $500.  It also comes with a limited edition “Walk on Water” steel print with his handwritten lyrics, as well as some black nickel DOG TAGS.


LOGIC was recently profiled on “CBS Sunday Morning”, and naturally he talked about his suicide-prevention song “1-800-273-8255”.  He said he’s never contemplated suicide himself . . .

And he added, quote, “[Fans] said, ‘You saved my life’ . . . and I thought to myself . . . ‘I wasn’t even trying to do that.’  And if [they’re] telling me that, could you imagine what I could do if I tried to save somebody’s life?”



50 CENT accidentally broke $1,000 worth of DJ equipment during a nightclub performance on Saturday night.

A source says he jumped from a speaker to a VIP table, and then to the top of the DJ booth, but he landed right on the mixer.  It was replaced, and his show continued.  Supposedly, he offered to cover the damages, but the club’s owner let him off the hook.


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