Restaurant Name Switch Ups

Should other restaurants make the change like IHOB??

Probably not… but if some restaurants were to change their name, what should they be?

For Wendy’s, the Bomb Squad thinks they would change to “ 4 for 4”, due to their amazing four for $4 meal choices.

In addition to that, Waffle House would change to “Hash brown House.” It even has a better ring to it… and when you think of waffle house, you think of a double order of hash browns smothered, covered, and with some cheese. Amazing.

But what about Taco Bell??  Does anyone really eat Taco Bell at regular times of the day or just late at night…? Taco Bell is now “Late Night Munchies.”

Relating back to IHOP’s name change, Burger King changed their name on Twitter to “Pancake King.” But the Bomb Squad thinks of Burger King’s chicken nuggets and chicken fries. So…voila, we have Chicken King.

Finally, we have Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse has the best steak and ribs… but who isn’t obsessed with their rolls that come cinnamon butter. And the smell of the roasted peanuts when you walk into the door. The last name change we have created is “Texas Rollhouse ft. Peanuts.”

#BombSquad Kelly, Kiersten, Clare, Darcy, Destiny


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