If you ever heard someone on Q100 repeating “my summer”, you want to know who said that? Well, that was none other than me, Kelly. Take a look into “my summer” at Q100 Atlanta..

Heading into college I was so scared of what I wanted to study and what my future would consist of after I graduated from UWG. I entered the world of Mass Communications and fell in love with the idea of radio and being on the radio. Many people have a vision of hearing themselves on the radio and working in a station. This was something I thought would never happen for me.


I attended my first media day at school, a convention consisting of many employers, and people in the media industry. I came across what seemed to be a table for the radio station, Q100, and a million memories rushed in of listening to this radio station since I have been in elementary school. Then, I met the ADAM BOMB.

Fast forward to Summer 2018, and I am an intern with Adam for the Adam Bomb Show. This experience has taught me so much, but more importantly helped me learn more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses.

But this internship wasn’t all super-serious….

There were games, there were laughs, and now on my final day: tears.

Here’s a few looks at the best moments of “MY SUMMER”.

— Kelly


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