What I’ve Learned | McKenzie’s Last Day as Adam Bomb’s #BombSquad

This internship with the Adam Bomb Show at Q100 has been the most beneficial internship for the profession that I want to pursue, which is the entertainment industry, duh.

I’m not a shy person, but on my first day working with Adam I was a little intimidated because I was interning with Atlanta’s top radio stations. Not only was it one of Atlanta’s Top radio stations, but a radio station that I listened to growing up all through middle school until now. I wanted to showcase that I was professional and a good fit to be a potential future employee for this company. However, my nervous energy immediately vanished when Adam Bomb told all of his 14k followers on Instagram live that I have not washed my hair in 4 days (in my defense, I am a clean person but do not think it is good hair health to wash your hair every day). Afer that, I knew that I had a boss that was willing to joke around but also be a mentor by teaching us how to think on our feet, go out and interact with others, record podcasts, create fun commercial demos, and write fun blogs like this one.

Now, I know how to think on my feet and feel confident in what I am saying to my audience.

We also would get to go out to cool places like Food Truck Rally’s, Atlanta Mall’s, Concerts and had out Q100 merchandise and get our voice heard and promoted the station.


I have now found my voice in this industry, and I want to give all of the credit to “Mr. Bomb” (BTW he hates it when we call him that) for guiding us in the right path and showing us what it takes to succeed in this industry. Thank’s to him, I will be continuing this journey working for Q100/Cumulus in promotions, and I am looking forward to learning so much more in this industry.


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