R&R With These Trending Netflix Titles

Some of us are still recovering from Super Bowl LIII, and you’re probably looking for ways to relax and recuperate. Netflix has everyone talking after the release of some disturbing, yet intriguing documentaries and binge-worthy shows. What’s a better way to get some R&R than to find something good on Netflix and lounge on the couch for a little while? Below, we’ve got a quick guide to what’s trending on Netflix right now, so you don’t waste time searching and scrolling.

‘The Haunting of Hill House’

A father, Hugh Crain, and his five children are forced to flee their creepy mansion after his wife, Olivia, allegedly commits suicide. The press takes this story and turns it into that of a nightmare, claiming the Hill house is haunted. The children grow up dealing with the trauma in their own ways. When another tragedy happens, the adult siblings have no choice but to reunite at Hill House to face the demons of their past and present. You might be sleeping with the lights on after this thriller.


Bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, is a man of many mysteries. We dive deep into his mind as he falls in love with a writer, Guinevere Beck, and becomes so obsessed that he begins stalking her. Eventually, the two meets after Beck falls onto the train tracks, and Joe just happens to be at the right place at the right time to save her. As their relationship blossoms, Joe believes that he knows what’s best for her, even if that means killing for her. The twists and turns will keep you hooked, and make sure you catch up before the second season is released.

‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’

This 4-part documentary tells the story of serial killer, Ted Bundy, and includes interviews and footage of the killer himself and the people affected. He kidnapped, raped, assaulted, and murdered many young women and girls in eight states throughout the 1970s. This documentary gives you an in-depth look at the life of Ted Bundy as a young boy into adult life, the crimes, the conviction, and the execution. This is one that you might not want to watch alone as the details are very graphic and disturbing.

‘Abducted in Plain Sight’

This hour-long documentary is composed of interviews by Jan Broberg and her family. In 1974, 12-year-old Jan was taken from her house by a trusted family friend she called ‘B’, who had an obvious infatuation with Jan. Her family allowed this man into their lives and was manipulated by him for years, so much so, that he abducted her not once, but twice. This documentary will make you cringe in shock as each detail is revealed.


-Allison O’Neal


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