Halsey Teases Progress Of New Album

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Halsey fans have been wondering when the pop star would be releasing a new album and we’ve recently received a clue into what to expect.

The “Nightmare” singer sat down with Zach Sang for an interview to talk about the writing and message behind her latest single “Nightmare.” She revealed the pressure in writing the feminist message, “You have one minute and 30 seconds, and then, like, it also has to rhyme and sound good,” she continued “sometimes, I want to sing ‘two plus two is four,’ and I don’t have enough time to say ‘is four.’ So as long as I can take the message ‘two plus two’ and make people think about the answer, it’s worth putting out there.”

Halsey was also able to tease a little about her upcoming album explaining that the sound behind it will be more experimental and not what fans would typically expect from her.  “Think of, like, 10 of the most unexpected things you think I could do. I do all of them,” she teased. “It’s much more confessional … it’s a bit more like my poetry.” She went on to say, ” “I’m growing so much as I’m making it that I kind of don’t want to stop growing,” she added. “I’m gonna keep myself writing until I plateau a little bit.”

We may not have a release date or even be given one for a while but we do know that she is putting all her efforts into making it exactly what fans need. In the meantime we will continue to jam out to “Nightmare” and her collaboration track with BTS, “Boy With Luv.”



Featured Image: (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp)


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