A$AP Rocky Detained in Sweden & Celebs Come to His Defense

At what point is it no longer considered self-defense?
New York rapper, A$AP Rocky is currently being held in in a Swedish containment facility in reportedly inhumane conditions. He was arrested following an incident where a “fan” followed him for roughly three blocks antagonizing both Rocky and his associates.
The rapper also claims that the “fans” were groping women in the area. Rocky currently is being denied bail. Being cited as a possible flight risk, and if convicted, can face up to six years of jail time.
Many rappers and entertainers have come out in support of Rocky. Tyler the Creator, T.I., School Boy Q, and Little Yachty have all stated that they will no longer tour in the country until Rocky has been freed.
Here’s the question: at what point does it cross over from being self-defense and into the realm of assault? Check out the video below and judge for yourself.


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