Bill Murray Applied for a Job at THIS PLACE inside the ATL Airport…

Imagine walking into a P.F. Chang’s and the guy behind the counter is BILL MURRAY.  It really wouldn’t be the weirdest place he’s ever popped up.  And it sounds like it could have happened.

On AMY SCHUMER’s podcast, Bill said he actually filled out an application at the P.F. Chang’s inside the Atlanta airport.  Why?  Because, quote, “I think that’s one of the great places . . . it looks like the best time.”

When P.F. Chang’s heard about this, they Tweeted, quote, “Bill, you’re hired!  When can you start?”

Bill also revealed that he LOVES “Family Feud”.  But he says, quote, “I take the time to fast forward in each episode all the way to Fast Money.  ‘Cause that to me is the excitement part of the show.

“I skip the early rounds because I don’t always respect their tactics.”


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