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Peppa Pig Drops Her First Album

Everyone’s ears might be receiving a break from the song Baby Shark now that Peppa Pig has released an album. The English pig released her album this Friday with many new children’s songs, and it’s all the internet can talk about. She snapped: @peppapig. ‘My First Album.’ — TIDAL (@TIDAL) July 19, 2019…MORE

The Bachelorette Controversy

This past week on the Bachelorette was the episode we’ve all been waiting for; Fantasy Suites. Hannah had the opportunity to go on four one-on-one dates and the option to stay overnight. This week has been particularly controversial due to the conversation about sex between Hannah and the infamous Luke P. Hannah Brown, goddess of…MORE

Reports of FaceApp Giving Your Info to Russians

For the past three days, social media has looked like everyone will be entering a nursing home very soon. This new trending app, FaceApp, allows people to take a glimpse into the future with a feature that makes them look older. The app also allows you to change your hair color and give you different…MORE

Harry Styles Could Be Cast As Prince Eric in Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid

There has been talk about Harry Styles, the singer-turned-actor to play the role of Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) in talks to play Prince Eric in #Disney‘s live-action #TheLittleMermaid — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) July 16, 2019 We have seen Harry show off some of…MORE

I-285 Money Shower and Dunwoody Police Asking Those Return the $175k

Last Tuesday afternoon, drivers on I-285 near Dunwoody experienced a literal money shower on their commutes. A GardaWorld armored truck malfunctioned causing the door to fly open and litter the highway with $175,000. Commuters pulled over to the side of the road and scattered to grab as much as they could. A video went viral…MORE

The One Where “Friends” Leaves Netflix

Friends won’t be there for you on Netflix after 2019. Netflix tweeted yesterday that the series will be moving to Warner Brother’s new streaming service at the end of the year, and all of the Friends stans took to social media to cry. Myself included. Just earlier this year, rumors spread that Friends would be…MORE

A$AP Rocky Detained in Sweden & Celebs Come to His Defense

At what point is it no longer considered self-defense?New York rapper, A$AP Rocky is currently being held in in a Swedish containment facility in reportedly inhumane conditions. He was arrested following an incident where a “fan” followed him for roughly three blocks antagonizing both Rocky and his associates.The rapper also claims that the “fans” were…MORE

American Horror Story Loses Sarah Paulson

Sweetheart supreme, Sarah Paulson will NOT be coming back for the ninth season of American Horror Story. After being in every season since the beginning, she is currently filming a new FX series named, Ms. America. Producers on AHS tried to calm fans by hinting that she may have a cameo in the next season,…MORE

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Victory

On Sunday July 7th, the U.S Women’s Soccer team won their fourth world cup title. They defeated the Netherlands 2-0 earning the U.S their victory. It has been an exciting journey not only for the team, but the fans that support them. This year more than 14 million viewers tuned in to watch the game,…MORE

Backfire of the Day: Man Attempts to Burn Down Synagogue

A man, who is an extremist, tried to burn a synagogue down, but instead ends up burning himself. He had burns to his forehead and hands due to the backfire. He carried a white supremacist handbook and an axe to commit his crime. He faces charges ranging from arson and terrorist attacks; however, it’s said…MORE


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