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Hey I’m Khristian, originally from New York. I moved to “Hotlanta” about 20 years ago. I like poetry & long walks. Wait, wrong profile. This isn’t eHarmony.

My love of music & interacting with new people brought me in to the world of radio. I voice commercials, narrate audiobooks, & have played around with some character animation.  I love old cars, I drive a ’66 Chevelle.  My dog Tank is the coolest ever! I am super energetic, love learning new things, & I’m great with people.



Disney+ Is Here – 4 Movies/Series You Forgot About | Q-Daily

The time has come, and Disney+ is FINALLY here. However, this is probably not news to you, considering the site keeps on crashing every time we try to sign in to our account!! 

If you’re not a member, here is a list of movies that we saw on there and COMPLETELY forgot!


Now, if you’re not a MELINNIAL or older, you probably do not remember this ICONIC series. After the show ended, it completely wiped away from all of society unless you had the VHS tape handy at home. 


If you’re not a real OG Disney Channel watcher, this movie might be unrecognizable. But we loved the Disney Channel Original Movies with NEW actors. When we mean “new,” we mean besides the popular actors that had a Disney Channel Series. Disney Channel in the 1990s and early 2000s didn’t need to use the same actors OVER AND OVER again! 


Remember when the Jonas Brothers had a show on Disney Channel. Yeah, so do we!!! It was ICONIC. However, we are happy that the boys decided to drop acting and pursue their music career.



Yes, the futuristic movie that we all know and love is back and available to stream whenever!!! I remember going to the movie theaters and being in complete AWE over the films!! However, it has been AWHILE since I’ve seen them, and I am curious to know my opinion on them now! – McKenzie Arrington

Drake Gets Booed During His Set at Tyler the Creator’s Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival

According to Complex Magazine, Sunday night, Drake was booed of stage at Tyler the Creator’s the Camp Flog Gnaw Music Festival at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. Apparently, fans were anticipating Frank Ocean to come out and perform as a special guest; however, the crowd was shocked when Drake came out to perform instead.

There has been a few different videos circulating the internet of the Canadian hip hop star pleading with the audience and asking if they would like for him to continue. “Like I said, I’m here for you, and if you want me to keep going I’ll keep going”, Drake said. You can hear the crowd scream “no” and starting booing, which lead Drake to exit the stage. “It’s been love. I go by the name of Drake, thank you for having me.” Those were Drakes final words before ending his set 20 minutes early.

It seems that Drake could have been an innocent victim to what the internet calls fake news. Apparently, word spread around the internet like rapid fire after an Instagram live post stated that it was supposed to be Frank Ocean as the special guest. The lie detector determined that was a lie. As many of you know, Tyler and Frank have a close friendship and business relationship, so it’s not like it could not have been a possibility.

After the whole ordeal, Tyler then took to his twitter account to criticize the fans who booed Drake. Tyler stated that he thought bringing one of the biggest artists on the planet to a music festival would have turned out fire. He also stated that it might have been a “tone deaf” move to include the God Plan rapper because of the type of crowd that usually attends. However, despite how the evening went, Tyler also shared his appreciation for Drake playing at the music festival.



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