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Hey I’m Khristian, originally from New York. I moved to “Hotlanta” about 20 years ago. I like poetry & long walks. Wait, wrong profile. This isn’t eHarmony.

My love of music & interacting with new people brought me in to the world of radio. I voice commercials, narrate audiobooks, & have played around with some character animation.  I love old cars, I drive a ’66 Chevelle.  My dog Tank is the coolest ever! I am super energetic, love learning new things, & I’m great with people.


Peppa Pig Drops Her First Album

Everyone’s ears might be receiving a break from the song Baby Shark now that Peppa Pig has released an album. The English pig released her album this Friday with many new children’s songs, and it’s all the internet can talk about.

The best part about the viral pink pig’s album is the memes that have come out from it.

Her album is not as catchy as the infamous baby shark song but maybe it’ll stick from the attention it’s been getting.

The Bachelorette Controversy

This past week on the Bachelorette was the episode we’ve all been waiting for; Fantasy Suites. Hannah had the opportunity to go on four one-on-one dates and the option to stay overnight. This week has been particularly controversial due to the conversation about sex between Hannah and the infamous Luke P.

Hannah’s first date was with Pilot Pete where they went sailing in Greece. The date ended with them in a windmill deciding to stay the night together. This is also where the big Windmill reveal came out. Hannah in the previous promos said she slept with someone in a Windmill and the internet has been restless trying to find out who it was.

The second date was with Tyler C. which got hot and heavy in a spa. At the night portion of the date, Hannah decides she doesn’t want to have sex with Tyler because she wanted to focus less on their physical attraction to one another.

Jed was the third date, which was less than perfect. Jed brings up Luke multiple times and tells Hannah he doesn’t understand why she likes him. Hannah then defends him and they argue for most of the date. She still decides to stay the night with him in the end.

The last date was the one fans were anxious to see with Luke P. The beginning of it seemed to go really well with them going to Santorini and exploring around. In the beginning of the night portion is when things went south. Luke then tells her he wants to talk about sex followed by a speech about how much sex means to him and that if she has or is going to sleep with any of the other men he would want to go home. Hannah sends him home after saying that she doesn’t owe him anything and she finally has “clarity.” She finally proceeds to tell him that she “had sex in a windmill and he should leave.” Most of the fans are outraged and are saying Luke was “slut shaming Hannah.” What are your thoughts on the subject?


J.Lo, Cardi B, and Constance Wu Strip and Scam in New ‘Hustlers’ Trailer

The trailer is here for the highly anticipated ‘Hustlers’ movie that Jennifer Lopez is producing and starring in. The film is based on a true story about a group of women who turned stripping into scamming Wall Street clients. The real-life ‘hustlers’ were accused of conspiracy, attempted assault and grand larceny. In the film J.Lo, Cardi B and Constance Wu team up to bring in the big bucks by swindling men that work on Wall Street with J.Lo starring as the ring leader. Other celebrities in J.Lo’s hot girl scammer crew include Lizzo, KeKe Palmer, Riverdale’s  Lili Reinhart, Madeline Brewer, Trace Lysette, and Julia Stiles. J.Lo also revealed how difficult it was preparing for her role in ‘Hustlers’ stating that, “learning pole dancing was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done for a film.” ‘Hustlers’ will hit theaters Sept. 13th, 2019.

Written By: Brianna Frost

Reports of FaceApp Giving Your Info to Russians

For the past three days, social media has looked like everyone will be entering a nursing home very soon. This new trending app, FaceApp, allows people to take a glimpse into the future with a feature that makes them look older. The app also allows you to change your hair color and give you different types of beards.

News reports say that the app was created by the Russians, and people are claiming that by using the app, it allows the Russians to have access to your personal information. I will admit that I downloaded the app and made two pictures of my boyfriend prior to knowing about the Russians. There are other apps and social media formats that also can obtain your personal information when you agree to certain terms and conditions, so I don’t know why everyone is acting so surprised.

I deleted the app because you couldn’t do much else, so there was no point in me keeping it. I’m honestly just ready to stop seeing creepy old people all over my timeline.
This was literally me earlier today.


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