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Five side businesses that could earn you extra cash this year!

Earning extra cash with a side job can be a huge boost to your finances and improve your quality of life. Whether it’s to pay down debt, save for a vacation, reduce the stress from living paycheck to paycheck, or simply to retire earlier, it’s an option worth considering.

Turn miles into money

If you’re a driver with Uber or Lyft, you can make some extra cash when it’s convenient for you. Early morning hours, evenings, weekends…even on your lunch hour.

Market your social media

Have a ton of Instagram followers? Major brands that market clothing, makeup, shoes, travel gear, furniture, or food could be interested in leveraging your influence.

Buy low and sell high

Love to scour Craigslist, haggle at an estate sale, or find a great deal at a garage sale? If you’ve got an eye for value, why not turn that into cash? Resell new, gently used, vintage, or hard to find items on Amazon or eBay.

Freelance your expertise

Are you skilled in a particular field? Whether you’re a mobile developer, web developer, writer, designer, consultant, accountant, or offer any other specialty, you can find some great freelance gigs on Freelancer, Fiverr , Indeed, or Upwork, or

Say “cheese”

Stock photography is in high demand. From websites to brochures, from social media to editorials, pictures of happy babies, coffee house scenes, and oak-tree shaded drives are available for instant download.

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