7 Ways To Plan Your BFF The Perfect 21st Birthday

It will be the best/worst day of her life, make it count.

Ah, the big 2-1. It’s the age a young adult has been waiting for since they left the womb. The day you get to buy and try alcohol for the “first time.”

If you celebrate the traditional way, you plan on getting blasted with your friends and family. It is a monumental milestone of your life so you better make it count. So, if it’s your best friend’s birthday, it’s your obligation to make this day amazing for her.

Here are 7 ways to plan your BFF the perfect 21st birthday…


1. Bring the booze.

I hate to say this is the most important thing, but it is. Boozin’ is the major aspect of this birthday for her, so create a fun atmosphere.932537c332ab51fc7dc65e0434be9f2b

2. Invite everyone she loves.

A party is a party. But it may not be as enjoyable for her if her best friends and family aren’t there. People make a party.

3. The decor has to be on point.

Ask any girl, they’ll tell you that the decorations are very vital to a great party.Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.27.11 PM

4. Get her a sash or a crown.

She is the birthday princess, after all.Birthday-hottie-sassy-sash-custom-sash-sassysash-custom-birthday-sash-1

5. It’s all about the cake.40301-21st-Birthday-Cake

6. Make sure she’s having the time of her life.

Since she’s your BFF, you should know what she likes. Make sure she’s having the best night ever, it’s your duty.be853e1fdfd377bcc2621a75c2154287-819x1024

7. Hook her up with the hangover kit.

She’s gonna need it.


CREDIT: whiskeyriff.com