The Creator of “Full House” Bought the Real Life House from the Show


The house in San Francisco that was used for the exterior shots on “Full House” went on the market, and soldfor about $4 million back in August.

Now we just found out the guy who bought it is Jeff Franklin, the producer who CREATED the show.

He told “The Hollywood Reporter” that as soon as it went up for sale, he felt like he HAD to buy it.  He says it’s really sentimental to him, and he wanted to keep it in the family so to speak.

He’s planning to do some renovations and he says that if “Fuller House” gets renewed, they might even shoot some new exterior scenes.

He’s also planning to let fans rent it out at some point.  We’d heard in September that the new owner was trying to rent it out for 14 grand a month.  Apparently, that was him, but we’re not sure.

Regardless, he says he wants to preserve it for fans, and he’s already started.  The front door was red on the show, but the previous owners painted it seafoam green.

So one of the first things he did was change it BACK to red.  They also re-painted the whole house dark purple a while back.  We’re assuming that’ll change too.