Get ALL the Backstreet Boys Feels

We’re bringing Backstreet Back for #QTopia and I am the MOST excited! So, to get ready to feel ALL the 90s & early 2000s feels with my fav BSB music videos.

Mmm you gotta love the matching white outfits and that middle part on Nick Carter. Fun fact: Nick Carter is the love of my life, rivaled only by my love of Harry Styles. 

Move over Carrie Underwood, this is the greatest cheating song to ever exist. Sorry, girl.


I like to think this is where One Direction got the inspiration for the You & I music video where they morph into each other, but the pants are way baggier. 

The 90s were such a simpler time when Halloween themed music videos were a thing… seriously why was this a thing? But, hey I don’t care because its wonderful. 

I watched this video for the first time in a while recently when we found out BSB was coming and it turns out I still know then entire dance from elementary school form when I would watch this over and over. FUN! 

BONUS: The most amazing closing scene ever from This is the End. Enjoy.