The Scandal that Made Youtube Explode- Updates on the James Charles Feud

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Is James Charles all over your social media feeds but don’t know why? Keep reading for details and updates on the scandal that shook the Youtube community.

So who is James Charles? James Charles is a 19-year-old makeup artist who was the first male ambassador for Covergirl Cosmetics. Since then, he has acquired deals with other makeup brands such as Morphe and accumulated lots of followers. Fans were already not happy with Charles after he released the $500 price tag for his meet and greet tours. On May 11th, Youtube personality and founder of Halo BeautyTati Westbrook uploaded a 43 minute video to her channel titled “BYE SISTER”. In the video, Tati explains her relationship with James Charles, and how it was ruined by his actions. Click the link below to watch the tell-all video.

James Charles was 2 hours late to a meet and greet in Australia following the drama with Tati, angering his fans more. posted an apology video on his Youtube channel simply called “tati”. Watch the video for James’ side of the story. Following Tati Westbrook’s Youtube post, James Charles lost 2 million followers in about 24 hours.

For more information about the James Charles drama, check out the timeline and short video with more background information.

The latest update in the feud is that influencer Nikita Dragun posted screenshots on Twitter as an attempt to help clear James’ name. However, it did the opposite. Twitter pointed out how the receipts Mama Dragun provided actually conflicted with James Charles’ original timeline of events. James Charles claimed that Sugar Bear Hair reached out to him at Coachella, but the receipts show that he in fact sought out Sugar Bear Hair. The receipts are also from a week after James Charles previously said Sugar Bear Hair helped him with security issues at the first weekend of Coachella. Check Nikita Dragun’s tweet below.

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Written by: Bria Suggs