Fall Make Up Trends

As we slowly start transitioning out of Summer and into Fall, there are a few things that change when the weather does. Obviously, the wardrobe changes, and some of those outdoor activities turn into indoor activities. Some of the things that the ladies might agree on is the trend of make-up looks that change.

During the Summer, it is pretty common for women to wear less make up and go for the “no make-up” make up look.  This is to avoid your face melting off in the crazy heat. Less is more in the summer time.

However, as the temperature cools down, there will be more trendy make up looks now more than ever. Some have already started showing off their skills with smoky eyes, crazy winged out eye liner, and bold red lips. The ladies are here for the drama this Fall. So go out and stock up on your favorite full coverage foundation and eye shadow pallets. We are going full coverage, bold, and glam this Fall.