Maroon 5 is Dropping a New Song Friday

It has been about 2 years since Maroon 5 has dropped their last project, Red Pill Blues. The Red Pill Blues is the 6th studio album from the pop group. Maroon 5 had heavy hitters featured on their last album including SZA, Kendrick Lamar, Julia Michaels, and A$AP Rocky. Well, the group has officially announced their latest single to drop this coming Friday the 20th, and Twitter has gone crazy. People have had crazy reactions and seem pretty excited for their favorite band to be releasing new music. The new single is called Memories and has already been used as a hashtag.

I am sure the song title and the group will becoming a trending topic for sure by the end of the day. With all the anticipation people are already suspecting them to drop a new album way sooner than later. There has even been some talk of them dropping tour dates. Since this pop groups cult following has already expressed their excitement about this long overdue project I am wondering how everybody else is feeling about this new song that’s coming out. I guess we will see on Friday when the song drops and what everyone’s reaction will be. Let’s see if they can break the internet.