You Can Now Rent Marie Laveau’s House From ‘AHS: Coven’ On Airbnb

OMG if you’re like myself and OBSESSED with AHS (and your favorite season was Coven) The ICONIC salon where Marie Laveau aka Angela Bassett worked/lived/cast spells actually exists and not only that, you can rent the whole thing on Airbnb! Who’s ready to go to New Orleans with me!?

According to Inner Splendor  the house constructed in 1855 is considered one of the oldest and scariest places in the world. It is huge and partially decayed, which only adds to its spooky factor. Built for Louise Vitry and her French consort, Archille Courcelle, the house was home to the couple and their 7 slaves. For about $317 a night, the house can accommodate six guests at a time. It has three bedrooms and bathrooms. More info HERE