Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie Got into a Fight

Well, I guess Woah Vicky decided to catch Bhad Bhabie inside.
According to TMZ, Danielle Bregoili aka “The Cash Me Ousside Girl,” got into a physical altercation on Wednesday morning with Woah Vicky. Social media became overwhelmed with footage of the influencers grabbing each other’s hair and striking blows to their faces. This altercation allegedly happened inside of a recording studio in Atlanta.

Sources told TMZ that Bhad Bhabie decided to pay Woah Vicky a visit during her session with rapper Lil Gotit. TMZ actually got a copy of the footage that had been floating around the internet, and from the looks of it, Woah Vicky handled Bhad Bhabie with no problems.
However, Bhad Bhabie took to her social media account to let everyone know her side of the story—she was never touched. According to Bhad Bhabie, Woah Vicky had a secure grasp on her hair, but she never secured a clean punch to the face so therefore she does not win this round of their ongoing feud. Danielle actually insist she was the one who won the fight because her punches actually connected. Daniel also made it a point to mention that there were all guys in the way of the fight—specifically the guy wearing a grey sweat outfit that was holding her back from unleashing a proper can of whoop on Woah Vicky.
As some of us know, this isn’t the first time Vicky and Danielle have gotten into it. Last year in April, the two got into it in L.A. at a mall. They were both caught on camera swinging on each other, and ever since, the Bhad Bhabie and Woah Vicky feud has been going on strong.