Twitter Moments of the Decade

The year is coming to end and is also the ending to an incredible decade. The 2010’s were the decade of crazy Twitter moments that we can never forget.

Twitter started the trending topic #TwitterMomentsoftheDecade to commemorate all the funny moments that went viral from the past 10 years. Does anyone remember Sweet Brown and her infamous quote “ain’t nobody got time for that?” How about all those funny Vine videos that had the internet going crazy? How about when Rihanna used to have all those savage responses to anyone who mentioned her on her Twitter account?

This past decade has been one of the best for memorable moments. I am sure we will take some of these funny memes, videos, and moments into the new year and new decade, but I am excited to see what moments the roaring 2020s will bring us.
In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite memorable twitter moments: