Brockhampton Releases “Sugar” Music Video

The Sugar single is the latest music video from Brockhampton’s GINGER album and is directed by the group’s founder, Kevin Abstract. According to one of Abstract’s tweets, this video is inspired by a nightmare he had, which explains the interesting blend of visual elements and shots of members throughout. It is certainly important to the group that their visual works are heavily inspired by cinema. One of Brockhampton’s members is producer, Romil Hemnani who spoke before about the group’s mutual love of film influences their creative decisions.

Sugar has everything you need: aliens, flames, and green slime incorporated into a unique story line. What more could you want out of a music video?

Brockhampton was in Atlanta this past November where The Adam Bomb Show interviewed members Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, and Dom McLennon. The group’s North American Tour is heading to Los Angeles this week for two sets of sold out shows. Check out Brockhampton’s Sugar music video below.