Did Camila Cabello Steal From Halsey? | Q-Daily

Camila Cabello is receiving a lot of backlash over allegations that she is “copying” Halsey with her Romance aesthetic and MERCH!

Last Week on Dec 10th, Camila released her new album romance, and the fans are loving her songs. However, people have been accusing her of copying other artists. When she was dropping teasers on her social media accounts, fans accused her of copying Lana Del Ray, and now the tables have turned, and people are now accusing her of sealing ideas from Halsey.

After the release of her Album Romance, there have been maj=ny tweets comparing Camilias Merch to Halsey. Someone tweeted, “camila’s merch team really just stole halsey’s merch designs as if they were nothing i-” and along with the tweet, there was side by side images of Halsey’s merch and Camila’s.

After seeing that tweet, others are now pointing out other similarities that are coping Halsey’s “Aesthetic.” For example, her font, tarot cards, and her aesthetic that was similar to Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom era.

We have dropped the corresponding tweets below, what do you think? Is she copying Halsey? Or is this just coincidence?