TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains content that some may find triggering.

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Growing up our listeners mother kept positive male role models in her life. One man became a father figure to her and watched her grow up since the age of ten. After her mother passed away a few years ago he was there to help her.

Recently, their relationship has shifted after a phone conversation she had with him. He basically made a pass at her, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Here’s her email:

Since I was young (like 10), my mom kept positive male role models around me. One of which was Officer David. I would soon start referring to him as Uncle David. He never missed a birthday party, school performance or graduation ceremony. Honestly, he was the ‘dad’ figure i always wanted. We could talk about anything.

My mom passed away a few years ago while i was at basic bootcamp. That experience still has my head spinning. Uncle David jumped into gear and was a bigger part of my support system. He and my mom were coworkers and she admired him as family. They were close like siblings and nothing more. He was there when my grandma passed. He would go & visit my grandpa in hospice. Stuff like that.

I’ve recently taken a job across the country. I haven’t been home much to see anyone. I decided to check on my dear uncle seeing as Atl got a mild dusting. I texted him and asked how he was doing. He said fine and asked what i was doing. I said I just left the gym. He replied oh getting high school fine? That was weird. Why would he text that? I didn’t think much of it and convinced myself that i was tripping.

I then called him. It started off calm then took a hard left turn. He said somebody (me) has a birthday coming up soon. I said yeah. He said you’ll be 35, right? I said yeah. He responded with yeah I can see myself dating a 35 yr old. I NEARLY THREW UP! So I immediately changed the topic.

He then curves the topic again. He poses the question to me. Would you ever date an older man? I was crushed so I rushed off the phone. This man is nearly sixty years old. He’s watched me go thru puberty, seen me grieve my mother and now this???

I haven’t heard from him since this weekend. I am totally grossed out. I have no plans to ever speak to him again. My question is should i tell the rest of my family about this situation? He was basically an adopted family member that everyone adored. He was always there. Now I question the intent…

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