The Bachelor’s Scandalous Episode


Looks like there is some trouble in Bachelor paradise. Apparently on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber confessed that he did get intimate during his fantasy suite dates with the other contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller. Allegedly Madison Prewett the third finalist on the show is a virgin and asked Peter to not sleep with any of the other girls as a just in case she ends up getting chosen. Well after such a cliffhanger ending on Monday night’s episode everyone wants to know what is the next move for Madison Prewett. A distraught Madison made it perfectly clear that if Peter slept with any of the other contestants she would not be able to move forward with their relationship. In a sneak peak of the next episode, it appears that Madison may have decided to skip the rose ceremony. During the sneak peek, it shows and emotionally drained Peter, the other two contestants not looking too happy, a single rose that needs to be handed out and a scene where It looks like someone could have been sent out. Next week’s episode is the Women’s Tell All episode where I’m sure we will get all the information before the series finale in two weeks. The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 on ABC and we will be watching.