Did Brad Pitt Scam a Woman by Offering to Marry Her?

BRAD PITT is being sued for allegedly scamming a woman out of $40,000 . . . in part by dangling the possibility of MARRIAGE in front of her.

Kelli Christina is a healthcare CEO from Plano, Texas.  She says Brad contacted her two years ago to help him raise money for his Make It Right Foundation.  That’s the charity he set up to help rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

She sent him $40,000 over those two years, with the agreement that he show up to fundraising events.  Obviously, he never did.  Over that period, she says they also developed a personal relationship that included, quote, “discussions of marriage.”

Pretty soon, she stopped sending “Brad” his money, and he ghosted her.  She’s suing him for $100,000.

It’s pretty obvious that Kelli got scammed by an IMPOSTER.  To everyone but Kelli, that is.  The REAL Brad’s lawyers told her that he’s never heard of her.  But she’s still going ahead with her lawsuit against him.