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Hey I’m Khristian, originally from New York. I moved to “Hotlanta” about 20 years ago. I like poetry & long walks. Wait, wrong profile. This isn’t eHarmony.

My love of music & interacting with new people brought me in to the world of radio. I voice commercials, narrate audiobooks, & have played around with some character animation.  I love old cars, I drive a ’66 Chevelle.  My dog Tank is the coolest ever! I am super energetic, love learning new things, & I’m great with people.


adam sandler

Adam Sandler Wants Graduates to Know: His Graduation Day Wasn’t Memorable Either

The end of the school year was anticlimactic and disappointing . . . especially for this year’s graduates.

So, a ton of famous people have been offering up speeches and advice to help make up for it.  But none of them seem as relatable as ADAM SANDLER.

Adam posted a brief message of Twitter, to let everyone know that his big day wasn’t all that awesome either.

He said, quote, “High school and college class of 2020:  Holy cow.  Way to go.  You did it.  You are officially smart.  You worked hard and you deserve the respect.

“Sorry it’s a rough time to be graduating, but you know what I did the night of my high school graduation?  I sat at home with my parents, and we all just stared at each other just like you’re doing now.”

He added, quote, “[But] THEN the fun began.  Love you all.  Congratulations.  Enjoy it and get ready to go save the world.  We need you.  Love, The Sandman.”



ATL Ready to Move to Phase 2 of Reopening – Everything You Need to Know

Atlanta reopening plan moving to Phase 2: What it means for you, and how we get to Phase 3


Thanks to 11 ALIVE… ATLANTA — On Wednesday morning, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the city was ready to move to Phase 2 of her five-phase reopening plan, easing some of the recommended restrictions the mayor is asking city residents and businesses to follow.

The second phase of the plan takes modest steps to restore normal activity in the city, such as allowing small, private gatherings of fewer than 10 people and curbside pickup service at restaurants and retail stores.

The mayor’s plan is not strictly legally enforceable, where it goes beyond Gov. Brian Kemp’s orders –  which have removed restrictions on leaving the home for most individuals and allowed restaurants to open for in-person dining, for instance.

But the mayor has said she would use her platform as mayor to encourage stricter observance of COVID-19 precautions, and her phased reopening plan is the most clear expression of that…MORE FROM 11 ALIVE HERE!


CLICK HERE ON 11 ALIVE: Here’s what’s new with Phase 2, how we get to Phase 3, and what it will mean when we get there:





Photo Credit: Drew Dinwiddie / shot at Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN – 2018

Billie Eilish just shared a short film titled “Not My Responsibility” that stands up to haters, fashion critics, and most importantly, bodyshamers. The powerful video shows Billie herself in a black hoodie, eventually stripping down to just a tank top, as she submerges herself in water. In the video, Eilish recites extremely vulnerable words that slam judgmental behavior and bodyshaming. She concludes with “If I wear more, if I wear less… who decides what that makes me? What that means? Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?”

The video actually debuted on Eilish’s “Where Do We Go” Tour, which was postponed due to Coronavirus.


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